Rating System

As most rating systems (i.e. Amazon and Good Reads) seem to be on a scale of 0 to 5, I have decided to follow suit. I rate with stars and sometimes rate with half stars where I feel a book isn't quite as low as one rating, but does not quite reach the next rating.

5 full stars means that I thought this book was truly fantastic. It was everything I expected from the blurb and genre - and more! While I do not make a habit of rereading books, ever, I would certainly consider reading this book again.
4 stars indicates an amazing book. There are probably some minor tweaks that could improve this book - maybe an awkward character, typos or a misleading blurb. Overall, it was still an engaging read.

3  shiny stars means I would recommend this book. It was enjoyable and pleasant to read. It might not be mind blowing or the creme de la creme, but if you are looking for something to read this is a good quality novel.

2 and a half stars would signal that I was some what indifferent to it. I can see why some readers might enjoy the book, but it did not really do much for me. 2 stars falls somewhere below that. I did not really enjoy this book and I wouldn't recommend it. However, it was not necessarily so horrible that no one would ever enjoy it. 

1 star is a no-no. This book was really quite awful. The story might have been good, but it was poorly executed. There were typos or grammar difficulties, and the writing really was not that inspired. For books that I abandon or drop because I just cannot get into them or finish them, a rating of one or two stars will be provisionally assigned.

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