Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Trailer Tuesdays

I thought it was about time my blog got a bit of regularity. So, every fortnight (or perhaps every week), Tuesday will be Trailer Tuesdays! I will show off some of the book trailers I have seen on the internet which seemed really intriguing. Let me know what you think of this feature!

If you would like to see your trailer featured here, or would like to share one you found and loved, please send me a link to it via Twitter, Facebook or my contact form on my blog.

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Kindle Fire (US Only) or $299 (Int) Giveaway

March 2014 Kindle

Win a Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash ($229 value)

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Book Blast & Giveaway: The Boxcar Baby — J.L. Mulvihill

Today I present to you... another giveaway! I have read the blurb of this book quite a few times, and I think it sounds like a fabulous book. It is already on my to read list!

Synopsis: Born in a boxcar on a train bound for Georgia. At least that is what Papa Steel always told AB'Gale. But now, fifteen years later, the man who adopted and raised her as his own is missing and it's up to AB'Gale to find him. Aided only by a motley gang of friends, AB'Gale train hops her way across the United States in a desperate attempt to find her papa and put her life and family back the way it was. Her only guide is a map given to her by a mysterious hobo, with hand written clues she found hidden in her papa's spyglass. Here is the Great American Adventure in an alternate steampunk dystopian world, where fifteen-year-old AB'Gale Steel learns that nothing is as it seems, but instead is shrouded in secrets and mysteries ... and that monsters come in all shapes and forms.

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