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Review: What Money Can Buy (Adult/Erotic Book)

Book Summary

When sexy temp Lauren is summoned to the office of her fearsome, billionaire boss Jason King, she's certain that she's about to be fired. Struggling to make ends meet and working two jobs to pay her father's medical bills, Lauren braces herself for a dressing-down from the handsome, enigmatic playboy.
But Jason King has other plans. He's been watching Lauren since the day she arrived, ready to sweep her off her feet and bring her into his world of wealth, success, power and sex.
In a few short days, Lauren's world is turned upside-down as her meager existence collides with Jason's extravagant life. From New York to Milan to Venice, her alpha male boss leads her down a rabbit-hole of lust and extravagance that proves intoxicating. But his world is littered with domination and deception...and Lauren is falling fast for her mysterious billionaire, with consequences that will change her life forever.

Star Rating
2 / 5

What Money Can Buy by Katie Cramer was a book I found for free on Amazon. While I will admit there are some interesting lines and expressions in this book, it didn't really capture my interest in general. The story felt almost non-existent (the blurb sounds so interest, but the book itself pales in comparison) and it seems a half-hearted attempt to explain why two people were engaging in sex. I have read a few random paragraphs from 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James and Cramer's book was both better written and more interesting, but it still boiled down to something I could have done without reading. The lack of character development was also a huge turn off for me.


There are always books out there that have an amazing blurb. You prepare yourself for this and that and you have high expectations - or at least some idea of what will occur in the book. Unfortunately, I felt the story didn't really stand up to the blurb. I was expecting to learn of a young woman's struggles, then of a man's dark world and all the fun bits in between. Instead the story was spread thin. It touches on Lauren's difficulty - her father and money troubles - and Jason's foul business plays. There's nothing gripping or engaging. Even the 'playboy' we're meant to get excited about just seems boring.

Both main characters are pretty dull. Our female lead, Lauren, starts off by being rather presumptuous - she makes a dramatic statement for almost no reason in the beginning of the novel ('There was a chink in this guy's armor – and I was it.'). She decides to have sex with her 'arrogant', 'intimidating' and 'sexist' boss, despite not knowing the man. Her reason? 'His hard chest muscles'. She's shallow, over excitable and rather trite. I wonder why she is given a back story of a sick father and two jobs to pay for his medical care when she generally seems so far from what you would expect someone in that situation to be like. Her character bounces between challenging the male lead, Jason (or Mr King) for control and being absolutely submissive - though she's generally the latter.

Meanwhile, Jason is given some dialogue which suggests he might rape the female lead, though, of course, she wants it - so no rape ever occurs. He makes a grand gesture of paying for Lauren's expenses for her father's medical treatment with the reason: 'what’s the point of money if you can't do anything good with it?'. A good point, but he could donate to charity, pay for other people's medical care when they are in need, in addition to spending money on his sex partner/girlfriend/wife. Does he do this? It's never mentioned. So it seems like it's just a gesture to win Lauren over.

The series name is Billionaire Domination and Submission BDSM Erotic Romance. I don't think the material really matched that. There was a bit of spanking, a brief gag, some secretary-boss roleplaying and that was that. In my mind this light play doesn't validate the tags of BDSM.

It seems, from the brief summary of the sequel, that there may be more plot and character development in the second book. However, I really wasn't thrilled enough to continue even with the dim hope that the next book could be an improvement.

It's readable, there's just little character development or motivation, and equally little plot. That isn't really the sort of thing I like to read, but from the looks of other reviews lots of people like this book. However, not every popular book is a good book, for example Fifty Shades of Grey. I think if you just want to read sex scenes then you will like this book, but if you read books for characters or story then I suggest picking another book.

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