Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Review: A Sexy Journey (Delilah's Diary #1)

Delilah's Diary #1: A Sexy Journey by Jasinda Wilder

Star Rating: 3 / 5 

This book is something I picked from my Kindle library because of its short length. It seems most of the short books on my Kindle are erotic. I found that this book made a great bedtime read because of this. The plot is easy to follow, it's easy to read, and quick to finish.

I'm not sure if this plot is typical in erotica or chick-lit, so I can't comment on its freshness. The background or beginning of the story seems a little bizarre. A man stays with the same woman for years despite having no sexual desire for her, but cheating with numerous other women. Then they get married and he still has no desire for her. On the other blame hand, the female character is apparently a good little Christian girl who doesn't know better. I don't find the religious part convincing at all - I just didn't feel the cheating exposure would magically make a woman, who has followed a strict morality the whole of her life, to magically forget or disregard it. Surely she would be more worried about sinning and going to hell? But I think that's a little too deep for erotic, so I let that slide.

I found the way that Wilder described Delilah's reaction and thoughts on homosexual men to make a lot of sense. I've never really had an issue with any people of a certain sexuality, but her confusion was well explained in text. I know that a few reviewers dislike Delilah for her narrow mindedness and limited experience - I can totally understand their dislike - but as I said earlier, it's erotica so I think the main aim is to make a character you can just about like and a plot you can just about keep interested in and then put lots of steamy sex between that.

I find it difficult to believe that...
  • everyone slept with Delilah's husband and she never knew.
  • people would happily give their services to Delilah for free.
  • the hottest men on Earth would be super interested in Delilah (if she was so undesirable before)
  • the divorce (time taken and terms)
  • the amount of money she carries around with her
  • this is just a few examples.

Regardless of all the issues, this book was all right for a quick read and, to be honest, I really wasn't expecting much when I started to read it. The frank writing style sometimes felt inconsistent with the character herself, but it was somewhat amusing.

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