Sunday, 22 December 2013

Article: Grab Button

The Problem

If you google the term 'grab button' you will find lots of resources to help you design your own button. Most use PicMonkey, though I find Pixlr easier to use. I found designing the button took me a while, and mine certainly isn't great, but the tough part was getting the code to work! Where a box is meant to display the code for others to copy and paste, mine kept coming up blank. No matter how many tutorials I tried, or how many times I checked the code it just wouldn't work.

Read more to read how I fixed it!

The Fix

I found a few comments on a blog suggesting people with this blank code problem use this website to generate the code for you. I was sceptical, but it totally worked. It was quick and easy. Now I feel silly to have wasted all that time toying with code that didn't work!

I'm not sure why the codes in the tutorials didn't work for me, it seems to be a recent problem. Some people think it is to do with Google+. I just wanted to share a way to get your grab button code that definitely works.

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